Big Hands and I were watching a documentary about old people when he abruptly shut off the television and rolled over.   “Old people depress me.  They make me think of death.” said he.  This is the conversation that followed:

Me:  You’re just scared of death because you’re going to Hell.


Me:  I’m kidding.
Him:  You may be right.
Me:  Hmmmm…wouldn’t you feel so much better if you were like me and knew where you were going?
Him:  Where are you going?
Me:  Heaven.  Der.  I mean, remember how much fun you had at Disney?
Him:  Yeah.
Me:  I bet Heaven is just like that.
Him:  Oh yeah?
Me:  Yeah.  That’s why Jesus died, so you can go to Disney when you die.
Him:  Maybe that’s why Walt Disney died.

He makes a point…