Cripe!  If I had known that breaking up my family would bring me this many hits, I’d’ve done it, like, a year ago or something!

IM JOKING.  I JOKE.  Okay, a little.

You all aren’t commenting, though.  Do it.  Do it now.  Lets make friends, kay?

I get so much traffic due to a post I wrote over a year ago dedicated to my love of cigarettes.  I get about nine hits a day from people Googling “smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo”.  I can’t help but feel sorry for those people as they must have been so very disappointed when they left clicked and were directed here.  I can just imagine it:  Well, shit.  These aren’t the lyrics at all!  Stupid blog!

Ha ha.

Lots of people have wondered if I started smoking again.  I have NOT.  I am not a smoker any more.  I no longer smoke.  I know.   Booooring.  But really?  I haven’t even wanted one this whole time.  (My non-smoking Big Girl Panties have purple flowers on them…)

The other day someone Googled “days of the week panties” and was directed to me!  And, I thought, “why is someone Googling that?”  Dirty, naughty little boy…

My favorite of all time is this one: “the stupis funny shit people write about”.

Nope.  That’s right.  It was stupis.  Apparently here is where you’ll find it.  The stupis funny shit.  Sounds like me in a nut shell.

ps, though?  Thanks for reading.  I do so appreciate it.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; yer pretty.  Let’s be friends.