I’ve been working out for a couple of days now, so I feel like I’m gonna be pretty buff here in a few months.  Watch out now!  Here’s what gets me though; Big Hands has been getting up at the ass crack of dawn for the last two weeks and either swimming or running.  I say to him the other day, “Babe?  Will you please just make sure I’m up when you leave?”  Hey.  I want to look better than him at all times, and if his ass is tight, then, well so shall be mine.

But you know what?  He did not get me up.  I told him that I was onto his little trickery.  I know that he just wants to be hotter than me so that a) he can look down his nose at my fat behind and b) have an affair on me.  I told him neither was acceptable.  He told me I needed to be a little more self motivated.  I told him, then, to suck it.

Plus.  We both know me, and I am not self motivated.

Except for that I HAVE to be as BH still won’t wake me up!  But, whatever.  I’ll show him.  I’ve gotten up on my own for the past couple days.  And, I’ve devised a little workout that will firm and lift all parts of me that need firming and lifting.  If anyone around here is going to have an affair, its gonna be ME, dammit.

But, I think the adrenaline from working out has gone straight to my head.  Either that or I just think I’m more likable than I actually am.

See?  Here’s my story:  I fell in love with a blogger.  No big deal.  I do it a lot.  Not a lot, lot.  But enough.  I’m pretty sure that I fawned over this one here for quite a long time.  We even had plans to move in together, no?  But even though she didn’t know me, she understood me.  (Erin?  You complete me.)  She got that I was just joking (a little) and that’s just how I make friends (kinda like those Night at the Roxbury guys from SNL).

I recently (and by recently I mean yesterday) found a blog that I love.  I often think that if I love something then it will love me back.  

I think that I’ve scared this woman to death.

I mean I told her that I’ve fallen in love with her, but REALLY.  What blogger haven’t I told that to?  Sheesh.  I just can’t help myself…I love to make friends!

When I first started the job that I used to work at before I got the current job that I work at, I used to make people be friends with me.  I’d go up to the new girls and say, “Hi.  My names Jennifer.  Do you smoke? Lets be friends.” And, that was that.  We were friends.  Still are.  I still do this, to a point.  Anymore, I just don’t ask them if they smoke (though I secretly wish they do, so that I can stand next to them and inhale).

I mean, I’ve had the same best friend since I was 10.  I make ’em and I keep ’em!  Usually.  A couple have slipped through my fingers, and that always makes me sad.  I take it very personally.

But, you know…maybe I’m a little too forward.  Maybe not everyone’s gonna get me.   Thats o.k.  I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough.  And, doggone it, some people like me.