I just wanted to say “whereupon”.  Don’t even know if its an actual word.  But, you know me, I don’t care.

Last night I had a dream that my office was THE Office, and we sold real estate, not paper, as my office does.  And, we all went on a business trip to Mississippi to see the architecture of a subdivision called Whitehills Cove.  In this sub, all the homes were built with ships.  Like, in some, the upstairs was the ship; others, the downstairs.  That’s neither here nor there except that there really IS a sub called Whitehills Cove in the city where I live, and that stupid ass book was set in Mississippi.

The good part of my dream is that John Krasinski and I were having an affair!  And, because even in my dreams I am PG rated, by “affair” I mean we were kissing.  Not even that tongue down your throat, heavy petting kind of kiss, but those sweet kisses that are soft and leave you wanting more soft kisses.  We were doing this behind Karen’s back (who was his girlfriend in the Office two seasons ago), and also behind my boyfriend’s back (who I BELIEVE was Ryan Gosling, but I’m not sure…he WAS in the dream, tho). 

Also, Julie Aves, Susie Carmen and Jennifer Jackson were all in this dream.  It was Julie’s birthday and we took her to the Meridian Mall to celebrate.  None of you but Kir will have any idea what any of that is.  Trust me.  It was weird, and funny.  I’m not even sure what the hell any of those girls had to do with anything (I went to school with all of them).

The thing was, I woke up from this dream, and prayed that when I fell back to sleep, I would still be in it.  And, I was!!!  And, those sweet kisses have made me happy all day long!! 

Seriously, a shrink would have so much fun with me!

PLUS, John Krasinski?  Excellent kisser.  I’m not so sure he should’nt be put on my list.  So Thank You Jim Halpert.  You’ve got great lips.