Last nite Mr. and Mrs. Big Hands went to the thea-tah.  For Mother’s Day, my dear sweet husband listened to my hidden inuendo and got us tix to see Wicked.

I’d read the book about four years ago, and remember loving it a lot.  Can’t remember all the details, but I know I REALLY liked it.  So, needless to say, I was EX CITE ED to see the show.  I love to see shows!  I’d prefer to see a play, but I love the theatre, so whatever…

Plus, everybody was all like, “You are gonna LOVE THIS SHOW.  OMJ*, its the best thing ever!  GADS ARE YOU EVER GOING TO THINK THIS WONDERFUL SHOW IS THE BOMB DIZZLE!”

And, I liked it, I really did.  It was funny.  Hilarious, almost.  Glinda was like Elle Woods and Cheri Oteri’s SNL cheerleader mixed together and then on crack.  A ton of very physical comedy.  She was the best part of the show.  I could totally picture Kristen Chenowith on Broadway.

But, I didn’t know it was going to be funny.  Not one person who’s seen it and told me I was going to love it said, “its so funny!”  Nary a one.  The book is not funny.  The book is sad.  The book made me cry. 

Don’t get me wrong…IT WAS GOOD.  Really good.  But, it was no Rent.  It was NO Les Mis.  At all.  Not even close.  I didn’t even get choked up at the standing ovation, and I always ALWAYS cry during standing ovations.

So, yeah; it was okay.  It was Great, even.  But, whenever people build something up like that, I’m always disappointed.  Like when I finally saw P.S. I Love You…my friend Fran told me I was going to start crying in the first two minutes and not stop til the end.  So, you know me, I love to cry, and I’m thinking, I cannot WAIT to see this movie.  And, I rented it on Pay Per View on a night when BH was gone, so I could get good and sopping wet sobbing.  Eh.  Not so much.  I mean…it was okay…

if someone had just told me it was going to be funny.   Because when I go to a show, I expect to be moved to tears.**


*OMJ: Oh, my Josh. This is what Holden and his friends say.  Example: “OMJ!  did you see that??”

**Im crying right now.