You think I mean like green green, but I dont!  I just mean this kind of green.  (um…mine’s green, that’s why.)

OH IT IS A WONDERFUL THING, THIS PHONE!!  I’ve never been so in love with a stupid THING in my life.  You must understand, I have always had cheap peices of crap cell phones.  But, BH got an iphone and friends, while I do not need a contraption like that, I do need something with a little more textability than the phone I had.  Because me?  Me likey the text.  My bff Chris and I spend most of Wednesday and Thursday evenings texting each other through So You Think You Can Dance.  My new phone?  My new green Rumor?  Yeah, it has a keyboard.  And, it flips out.  Which?  Is effin’ cool, okay?  And, my husband; he was so happy that I was so happy yesterday.  Now, he tells me, “Put that thing away!  Youre becoming one of Those People who just walk around texting everybody all the time.”  So I quickly texted him to shut up.

I have been with BH for nearly 10 years.  10 in September.  He laughs like Vince Vaughn.  I have tried to find you audio of Vince Vaughn laughing, and I cannot.  But, do you remember Swingers?  You remember at the diner after the bar and Vince gets up on the table and he’s laughing?  Like a donkey?  Yeah.  That’s how my husband laughs.  A few short donkey hee haws.  But last nite?  Last nite we were watching this Saturday Night Live skit and he got to laughing, and then I got to laughing at him, and ducks?  We had ourselves a giggle fest.  If you knew my husband, you would know exactly how funny this really is.  It is totally out of character for him to laugh, let alone giggle.  Tears were streaming down our faces.  In ten years, I have never ever heard him laugh like that.  I will tell you; it would be well worth another 10 years worth of waiting to hear him crack up like that again!