and, Ill tell you why:

1. my cable went out because its storming and I missed the last twenty minutes of so you think you can dance.  This has gotten me so faclempt that I cannot even be bothered with proper grammar capital letters or puncuation.  except for that last period  IM REALLY BUMMED

2. someone who i really respect ish did something that i found really bothersome.  she doesnt know she did it.  or maybe she does.  but Im too big of a BABY to say, hey!  where do you get off?  Okay, so I re-read this last bit, and I take back the respect part.  I dont know her.  I dont respect her, but I really like her writing.  Okay, so I just enjoy it.  Anyway.  IM REALLY MAD.

3.  My husband must hate me.  He won’t turn on the air and its 540 degrees outside.  Except its only 89, but IM REALLY HOT.  And, its giving me a headache I can’t get rid of.  FIE ON HIM AND A POX!

4. this one is edited in here, because it just now befuddled meWhy does Maxwell want to sing like a woman if he can actually sing like a man, and why in the hell is he singing it?  I dont think he gets it.

Okay.  So, now here are some things that make me a little bit happier:

1.  I think that, indeed, my husband must love me as on his way home from band practice he called and asked if I wanted anything from Taco Bell.  Which, duh.  Of course I did.  I was just thinking about it, too, when he called.  So basically?  I can mind warp my husband.  I have that kind of power.

2.  Dave Sedaris has a new book out.  Go to that link.  Read the excerpt.  The dude is hilarious.  He is one of the few people of reknown I would like to meet.  And, by that, I mean other than Ryan Gosling or Uma Thurman.  Or Sylvester Stallone or Kate Winslet.  Or, DER, Justin Timberlake or Pharrell.  Or Brangelina.  Or Jennifer Garner.

Because have you seen Catch and Release?  I have seen it.  About 4,000 times.  Can’t help myself.  That said?  13 Going on 30 is also one of my favorites.  I’m not even going to make excuses for myself. 

My head hurts too much.