I recently received an emial from a childhood friend mentioning that she had started a blog.  It was at that point it occurred to me that I too have one.  And, I thought perhaps I should go write in it.  Okay, really?  I thought, OH HELL NO!  IIIIIIII have a blog.  I WILL NOT BE USURPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously.  If you were married to my husband you would understand my fierce competative nature.  Not that this is about winning (really, Kir…its not!!  Glad your here!  Glad to have you aboard.  Remember when we wrote that book?  And got in trouble for saying “shit” in it?).  Anyway, its going to take me a while to get back my two faithful readers.  I understand that.  I’ll do the work.  I’m not a slacker.

SO here it is in a nutshell, death, jobless, spiritually spent.  O God?  Where are you?  O job?  Where hast thou gonest??  O woe.  Alack, alas, and all that completely selfish CRAP!!

And, by the time I had gotten over that heap, that thing happened, where too much has happened.  You know?  And, you look at the page totally helpless like?  Yeah.  So I gave up, cuz I’m a big fat giver upperer.

Then, I read a book which in a round about kind of way lead to my Spiritual Awakening (it was a LONG round about way, I won’t bore you.) and thusly my need to put on the paper what is in the head.  And, also my best friend Christen had a lot to do with this because, God bless her if she isn’t my sound board!

Long story short (too late): Hi God!!  Hi part time job which I am very thankful for because it allows me to be at home with my little man after school, plus my boss is FRIGGIN HILARIOUS, and a little crazy but I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!  Hi…well, still hi Death, but you are no longer sucking me dry!

Like Christen says, We all are crazy and the sooner we all figure that out, the better we’ll be.