Not in the literal sense, but I did have a coupla cocktails while playing Apples to Apples with my fam.  That game is funny enough without alcohol.  Add a little Sparkly?  Everything’s funny.

Christmas went off without a hitch.  My mom is on steroids.  She’s got a touch of the ‘Roid Rage, so that’s a little tough sometimes, but we try to either steer clear and/or Give Her a Break.

Holden got everything he wanted (except an ipod, but I think in his heart he knew he wasn’t getting one anyway).  He’s been spending a lot of time with his DS and his Wizard’s Handbook.  And, he didn’t even want to stay up to watch Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas on Christmas Eve because he “needed to go to sleep so Santa would come!!”  This was a first.

Big Hands loved all of the things he received because, well…he KNEW what he was getting seeing as he made a list and all.

BH got me tickets to see Will Ferrells’s Funny or Die Comedy Tour which will be funny as HELL!  I’m very very excited for this.  The only thing I like more than crying is laughing. He also got me the two books I wanted.  I have already finished Run by Ann Patchett, because Friends?  I don’t mess around.  Finished that sucker last nite, and it was GOOOOD.  It got to be predictable around page 230 but I didn’t mind in the least.  It was a good good story with lots of goodness abounding.

I’ll read Middlesex next, but I’m trying to string it out as long as I can.  If I start it now, I will have it read by tomorrow morning.  So instead I’ll go grocery shopping!!  Yay!  I love grocery shopping!  Really.  I do.  Im not even joking here.  There WILL be tortellini in this house by days end.

I watched The Champ this morning.  Have you ever seen this movie?  I remember watching it with my Gramma when I was a kid.  I remember that it was a tear jerker, but I didn’t remember how MUCH!  This is a movie that you cry from beginning to end.  I was sobbing.  Holden thought there was something really wrong with me.  God Bless you Rick, Don’t Call Me Ricky, Schroder.

BH’s best friend Jay will be in town tonite or tomorrow.  It will be nice to have him here.  I haven’t seen him in two years.  He lives in Vegas.  My husband will be happy, and all will be right with the world.

I’m off to the Walmarts!!  Hope your Christmas was all that you hoped for.