My neice and nephew go to the private school my sisters and I went to when we were growing up.  This school is part of my church.  This is a school I would never ever send my kid to ever.  Ever.

ANYWAY…the kids had their Christmas Program tonite, and it was cute, blah blah blah.  Kids singing is always cute.  What I’m getting at here is that after church, my grandfather leaned down to Holden and said, “Do you like to sing?  Because I heard you singing and you did a really great job Buddy!  I have some song books that I had when I was about your age.  I still have them.  And, I want to give them to you because you are a great singer!”  This touched me.  Everything touches me.  I am a ball of emotion.  And, Holden does have the voice of a thousand angels.  He really does.  I’m not just saying that because he’s my kid.  The kid has a knack for music…

My grampa is 72 today.  I realize how lucky I am to have such a young family.  I’ve only ever known my mom’s parents as my dad’s died long before he ever met my mom.  And, both my Gramma and my Papa are healthy.  Though this whole thing with my mom is really taking a toll on them.

I’ve always called my grampa “Papa”.  Even now that I know better.  Thats just his name.  I can’t help that.  My grandparent’s story is THE typical story of the ’50s.  She was the head cheerleader, he the captain of the football team.  He gave up a scholarship to the University of Michigan to marry my Gramma.  She stayed home with the babies and made Papa’s lunch every morning.  He got a job at GM when you didn’t need a college degree to be an engineer.  Every night when he got home from work she asked him how his day was, dear.  After church at Sunday dinner she would ask him who he talked to this morning, dear.

I wanted to BE them.  I wanted to BE her.  And, I am.  And, I did end up marrying the strong silent type…ish. 

That interaction between my son and his GREAT grandfather was all too precious to me.  I just wanted to get that down for posterity.