Heres whats on the docket today: Breakfast~ Pumpkin Waffles.  I don’t know how they taste yet, but they smell D-lishus!!
Later~ Gingerbread Boys and Girls.  What Holden wants, Holden gets.
Later Still~ Four thousand loaves of Banana Bread.  I am one of those people who puts every single banana in the freezer that looks like it may be too ripe.  I have 10 bananas thawing.  I am going to make the bread for my three neighbors that I like.  I am a nice neighbor lady.

Tonite Holden and BH are going to a MSU basketball game.  HOO HAA!  This will leave me at least three hours of solitude.  Then by the time they get back it will be Holdens bedtime and Big Hands has a show tonite, so POOF! more solitude.

You would think that I would get enough alone time during the week with the kid in school and the husband at work and me unemployed.  But there is something totally special and different about Night Time Aloneness.  Thats the only thing I really miss about being single.

First off, I loved my apartment.  It was crooked and old and the walls leading up to it were covered in shag carpet.  I know.  Nothing could be better.  My Uncle built me bookcase, and it was great.  Mostly because it was hand made and shelved everything I held dear.  My apartment had a golden chair that belonged to my Gramma, a cat, and the tiny tiny tv that my Uncle had in prison (I’ll save that story for later.  Want to get your jowls good and slobbery…).  It had my parents old kitchen table and a guy who lived downstairs that fixed my brakes for me.  It had a window  that went from almost floor to almost ceiling facing the street.  I used to open that window and sit on the floor and smoke cigarettes while watching stuff happen.

At night I would read a book or watch tv or eat a whole loaf of garlic bread…whatever I wanted.  There was a bar within walking distance.

Then I got pregnant and BH moved in.  He ruined that place for me.  All of his stuff all over.  The cozy small apartment became overstuffed and uncomfortable.  Way to go Big Hands.

It all worked out in the end.  I wouldn’t trade this house for that old apartment.  I could have never done all this baking in that old rickety kitchen, but I do miss curling up on that gold chair with my cat and a book, and maybe some Friends on my itty bitty prison television.