Our monitor took a good long piss on us last week.  Now I am looking at one of those gargantuan monitors.  It hurts my head.

My car is making a funny noise.  Now I am driving it very trepidatiously around town.

I may get a job offer today, and I wonder if it will be worth my while.

My freezer is filled with Christmas cookies.  I am one baking Hot Mama.

Since deciding to watch nothing but QVC from now on, my mother has procured for me the following goodies:
1.  Silicone bake ware.  Do you bake on silicone?  You should.  Nothing sticks to those sumbitches.
2.  Two sets of tupperwarish storage bowls.
3.  A set of stone bake ware.  These are the marvelous things.
4.  Some bowls that are made of silicone that are bendy.  I’m not entirely sure what to do with those, but the picture shows that you can pour liquids out of them with ease.  I guess I will be pouring.
5.  All new stainless steel measuring spoons like the pros use.  And, also, measuring spoons.  The spoons even come with “smidge”, “dash”, and “pinch”.  I will tell you that a pinch is a lot more than you thought it was.  I am looking forward to becoming a Measuring Pro.
6.  Porcelain Angel plug ins that smell like vanilla.
7.  A ceramic/iron casserole dish that is a lovely shade of blue-greenish.

My mother will be 50 on Friday.  I am making her an ice-cream cake.  I can do this, now that I have all of the above provisions.

Yes.  You MAY call me Ina.