At first, a typo made my title be “We Have Direct TB” and I almost left it, because Direct TV is a terrible, terrible, devastating disease.  With our package, we have all the movie channels you can imagine for three months: free.  I like movies. 

Since Monday, I have watched Talladega Nights, part of Benchwarmers, Alpha Dog (which BH liked, ha ha, I told him so…), and just now I watched Click.

Click is a sad, sad, wonderful movie.  I love Adam Sandler.  But, only if he is in a semi serious role.  I like those goofy movies that he has been in.  I hate that Hannukah cartoon thing, but I really don’t like cartoon movies unless they are Disney.  But one of my all time favorite movies ever in the whole world is Spanglish.  I will watch that damn movie every single time it is on tv.  It drives my husband nuts.  He does not understand how anyone can like that movie.  Big Hands has no heart.  He feels the same about 50 First Dates, another Adam Sandler movie I heart.  But, that has mostly to do with Drew Barrymore, whom, if I haven’t already mentioned, I would like to play me in the movie of my life.  We look nothing alike, but I love her minus Spike Jonze.  Spike?  Really?  Really???

I also really like Punch-Drunk Love, though one viewing of that bit of cine was enough for me.  Sandler did an awesome job of making me extremely uncomfortable and jittery.  I appreciate the movie, but cannot watch it again.

Another movie I will never watch again: Requiem for a Dream.  Have you seen this?  Do you like to feel utterly depressed?  If yes, then you MUST to see this movie!  No, really.  I think this is a great film.  Beautifully written, acted and executed.  I have never wanted to drown myself more.  I can’t handle that kind of sad.

SO.  Because I know that my lists are the most important, well rounded lists ever, I’m going to give you the Movies That I Have Seen, and Perhaps You May Want to Watch, Too If You Haven’t Already list.  Also?  This is self serving.  When I write these lists, then most of you list some of your faves, and then I usually have some new info, which I like!!

In no particular order:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums I guess I could put every single Wes Anderson movie in this first slot.  I love Wes.  Also see Life Aquatic.  If you want to…I’m no pusher.  But, if you like quirk and Bill Murray, then these films are for you.

2. Dead Poets Society Der.  I’m sure you all have seen this.  Anyway…If you haven’t~hang your head in shame.

3. Magnolia  Ugh.

4. The Believer Do you like Ryan Gosling?  Well, erase from your memory anything you’ve ever seen him in (especially The Notebook, for goodness sake) and watch this film.  If your heart isn’t wrenched out of your body then you are some kind of I don’t know what.  If you thought that American History X was really a powerful film, then The Believer will knock you on your ass.

5. Hannah and Her Sisters  I wouldn’t say that I’m a Big Woody Allen Fan, but I do like most of his movies, this one being my favorite.  I like sloppy, egoistic, Jewishness of all of his main characters (Woody being most of his main characters…).

There are twenty nine hundred more that my mind is just drawing a blank on…So gimme sommu yours and we’ll be even!