The best part of Christmas for me has always been the presents.  Oh.  And, the birth of my Lord and Savior.  But really?  Its the presents.  I appreciate Jesus all the time, not just at Christmastime.  So let us back to the presents, okay?  Good.

My mother always had the canny ability to store things in her head for a later date.  By the time Christmas came around, I had forgotten that I wanted, no! needed a long fuzzy black sweater…but not my mom!  Every year there always seemed to be that one gift that I absolutely, positively could not live without.  Well, there always seemed to be the 458 gifts…my mom has no breaks.  I never needed to make her a list, she always just seemed to know.

Big Hands is the same way.  Some girls marry their Daddy; I married my Mom.  BH is a great GREAT GREAT gift giver, and he also has no breaks.  Never once has he asked for a list.

He does not afford me the same luxury.

The few first years we were together, I would get him things that I thought he needed/wanted.  Though he never came right out and said it, I could see the look of disappointment.  He is not easy to please.  About anything.  So.  The past few years I have asked him for a list and I have gotten exactly what is on it.  No variations.  And, he was pleased.  And, it was good.

This is his list this year:
Afghan Whigs CD
Twilight Singers CD
Common CD (which eventually, I will steal)
Death From Above CD (he is actually asking for two.  Unless I purchase them from Amazon, I don’t think I’d be able to find them anywhere else.)
Some books about setting up your own home studio
Rage Against the Machine DVD
Pogues CD (Now.  I will tell you that I already BOUGHT him a Pogues CD, and I do not believe he’s ever listened to it.  It was an obscure album, but really.  I WILL get it for him, though, because I love me some Pogues.)

See?  He is easy.  And, he will be so happy to have all these, Oh! and also these.  And also some new boxer shorts.  I have seen three pair in the trash this week alone.

But what cracks me up about his list is that it could not be more indicative about what kind of person my husband is.  One knows everything they need to know about BH just by reading his Christmas list.

I have no list.  What does that say about me?!

Holden’s list contains, among other smaller items, and ipod and a Nintendo DS.  This tells me that my kid really reaches for the stars…He is getting the DS, from Santa, and much to Mrs. Santa’s chagrin…What’re ya gonna do?

I think I’m going to try to make these delicious looking cookies today!  Wish me luck!