There is a stranger in my house, ladies.  And it is large.  And it is trying its damnest to impose itself upon me.  It is 46 inches.  And flat.  And, have I mentioned that its ginormous?  Because it is. 

While watching this brand spanking new television, procured at 5am on Black Friday at Circuit City by my Dear BH, I think to myself, “I never realized Tyra is so enormous!”  Then I realize that it could be, I mean quite possibly it is that its just the gigantitude of the television itself, and perhaps, just maybe, Ms. Banks breasts are actually NOT the size of watermelons.  But they really probably are.

So now, this morning, now that everyone is gone back to work and back to school, I sit here in the computer/game room where we’ve moved the old tv into.  The normal sized telly.  The one that makes those models look small.  Just like me.  And,  I’m watching that television, secretly feeling like I’m being ungreatful for the Big One.  Though, in reality, having two tvs is going to be great for those Sundays when its nothing but Football.  I can come in here with a clean conscious and watch replays of The Hills.  Or Real World.  Or Gilmore Girls.  The options are endless, really.  Truly a Christmas Miracle!

I was NOT ungreatful yesterday, however.  We live in an older neighborhood.  I love this place.  It is comfortable and friendly and woodsy.  Though, I do hate that its so woodsy.  Especially when that means that I have to rake all the woodsy leaves.  I hate raking.  I also hate our behind-us-neighbor.

Last year while doing some yardwork, our lovely 102 year old neighbor, let’s just call him Bob (because that’s his name), came over to the fence to tell us that he was happy that we were out there “cleaning up this mess” because he was “sick of looking at it”.  Way to make friends, Bob.  He also told us that our compost was to close to his fence (we told him to get composted), and that there were some sticks in our yard touching his fence (bite us, Okay Bob).

Yesterday, oh yesterday!  We were raking (ugh) and you know how leaves get all stuck up in the fence and pile up and you have to rake them without constantly getting the rake stuck in the fence?  Yeah.  Bob was also out in his yard and he came over to the fence.  BH and I looked at each other like what now?  Bob says, “Hey!  I got this big blower, and how’s ’bout I blow along the fence and then that’ll blow my leaves AND your leaves out from the fence?”  My jaw dropped.  I put on my best I Like You smile and said, “Oh that would be great, Bob!  Thank you so much!”

And, he did it.  And, it was beautiful.  It did actually make my job easier.  Bob helped me.  He did not put on his mean face and yell at us.  It truly is the holidays!  Christmas miracles all ’round!!  I’m making that dude some snickerdoodles!!

One thing I’m NOT making these days is coffee.  Okay well I am making coffee, but I’ve had to employ the boil-water-and-pour-over-grounds method, as my coffee maker decided to take a powder on Sunday morning.  A day that will forever be remembered by me as The Saddest Morning Ever.  At least I have coffee, though, so Christmas Miracle it is.

We put our tree up on Thanksgiving Eve, and we’ve been able to watch both Christmas Vacation AND A Christmas Story.  ‘Tis the Season.

AND, I received a package containing a beautifully knitted warm-n-cozy pink pink pink scarf!!  Lovingly knitted by my pal SuperBlond.  Yet another Christmas Miracle!

Thank you, Puddin’.  It kept me oh, so warm-n-cozy yesterday!!

And, I’m lovin’ it!