Im not going to do this often.  This More Than One Post a Day thing.  Because, I would post every time I sneezed and share this with you, but who wants to read all that crap?

HOWEVER…I just spent the last three hours raking and I hate raking.  Raking bites and if the military is looking for more forms of cruel and unusual punishment, have the bad guys come rake my yard.  No really.  Do it.

HOWEVER…I DID use my husband’s leave sucky uppy thing, and it made me feel like a Firefighter except without the hose and the fire.  If you were watching me suck up the leaves you would have thought to yourself, “what is wrong with that girl and her perpetual grin whilst sucking uppy the leaves?”  And, your question would be answered with this, “That leaf sucky uppy thing is AWESOME!”

The raking?  It blows.  The Sucky Uppy with the Leaves?  It sucks.  But in a good way.