Okay.  So there’s only one extra.  But Holden is becoming increasingly irritated with her.  She is my four year old neice, Maya.  She is four.  Four, okay?  You nasty little eight year old.  If I hear, “Oh.  My.  GOSH.  UGH.” one more time, I swear I am going to stick my entire foot down my own throat.  Why would I do that?  I dunno.  Sounds more painless than hearing my eight year old get all frustrated with Maya.  Who, as I have mentioned, is four.

I went to my mom’s today.  I went there to pack up all of her “work clothes” that she wants to donate to a battered women’s shelter.  The thing I have to tell you about my mom is that she is a Buyer.  Like nothing else on earth will satiate her unless she is buying Stuff.  Before, it was clothes.  Now, it is crap from QVC.  For us.  Yay.

But, back to the packing…My other neice, who is nine, lives with my my folks, and her bedroom is in my mom’s “clothes room”.  This room used to be filled with racks and racks of work clothes until Chloe moved in.  We weedled them down a bit and put the remaining clothes in the WALK IN CLOSET in this room.  Along with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD.

So, I packed up the clothes and then I set to cleaning this room out for Chloe.  Heaven help me, I started working on this room at 9am, and finally finished at 5pm.  No lunch break.  “Laid Off” my ass.

I swear to God, I threw away no less than 10 tote bags that Mom was keeping Just In Case.  The things I threw away…If I told you, you’d be disgusted.  I am disgusted.  I am not a Keeper.  I am a Throw Awayer.  And, I cannot deal with Gluttony.  I just can’t.

Nonetheless: the room is clean.  8 hours worth of clean. 

I’d much rather do it now, than later, too.  We still need to go clean out her office.  I am not looking forward to this.  That will be like 20 YEARS of crap to clean.

Do not get me wrong, here…I know I sound so crass.  But, I will never remember my mom by the Stuff that she had, or the inordinate amounts of Stuff that she gave me.  Getting rid of so much of the things that my mom identified herself with was very hard.  I had a breakdown in the middle of the closet.  But, Stuff does not a person make.  I try very hard to let her know that every time I see or talk to her.  I will remember her so many other things.  Gluttonous nature aside.

In other news, Holden is learing My Favorite Things in music class.  I cannot tell you how much this pleases me.  We have been singing it all night long.  My son has the voice of a thousand angels, I tell you.