Jennifer!  You’ve just been laid off!  What are you going to do next?

I’m goin’ to Disney World!!!

(totally stole that from Erin)

Yes Darlings…I’ve been kicked to the curb.  But that is okay.  See?  Now I will have nothing but time to devote to belated birthday gifts, prize winners, and just general Fun Mail to my friends.  How’s that?!

I will get paid to do nothing.  I am not going to complain about this. 

I will have time to hang out with my mom.  And, my kid.  This is excellent.

Its not the act of being laid off.  Its just a bummer that I won’t be going to a place that I love to go to everyday. 

I will bake…ish.  I will paint the kitchen (after I clean the tops of the cupboards).  I will rake the leaves.  I will walk Holden to and from school (no more daycare!!!)  My dog will not need to be crated!  I will go to my mom’s house for coffee.  Who is the boss of me, now?  ME!!  Woopah!

Plus, my co-workers and I have decided to tell people that my boss had to let me go because I have a drinking problem.  This will be fun!  I cannot wait!  I love starting rumors about myself!

It is an amicable break.  I ain’t hatin’ on those people.  Business is slow.  (I’m not totally going to lie, though.  I’ve been here for 10 years…I am sad.)

But!!!  I’m going to Disney tomorrow.  DISNEY WORLD.  I made autograph books for my neice and nephew, and for Holden.  And, for Sister Mik.  And, for me!   (And then I totally had to make one for BH…he’s such a baby.)

Thats actually kind of a funny story…Last nite BH was putting the kid to bed and Holden told him about our autograph books.  BH said that he just wants to get that mermaid’s autograph because she is hot.  Holden asked him if he was “cheating on mom?”  Where he comes up with this stuff is beyond me.  One time they went to a football game in Detroit and Miss Michigan was there signing pictures of herself.  BH suggested that he and Holden go get one.  Holden was very concerned that I would be jealous, and that “daddy just loves too many women”.  I like this kid.  He’s my champion.

So, that about covers it on my end.  Hopefully I will be blogging from Disney, and definitely I’ll be blogging more, period.  You know, providing Big Hands has our interweb up and running as soon as we get back.