I’m done with my Palahniuk book, and gladly so.  It started out okay, the middle was boooooring my pants off (literally.  One minute I was reading, the next, my pants were down around my ankles.  Disturbing?  Maybe.  BH rather liked it.), but the last bit made me almost cry on several different occasions.  So I guess it ended up okay.  I love to cry.

Now, I’m reading my dearest Chuck Klosterman again.  This one.  The more I read him, the more I realize why I get it.  He cares about very little of what everyone else cares about.  He just cares very little.  Me too.  Periphery; we spit in your general direction.

Mr. Klosterman (may I call you Chuck?),  should you ever google yourself, and find an inordinate amount of prattle about yourself here at this little site, I just want to say, Hi.  The part about Quincy, and the mowing the lawn catty corner?  Yeah.  I often wonder if that’s how my (now) husband felt when I told him I was pregnant.  And, I think he has settled into this life quite well.  And, I think he likes it pretty okay.  Also, the part about D.C. and the history?  Me  too.  Doesn’t interest me.  I’d like to say I feel bad about it.  But, I don’t.  If you are Mr. Right Now, well, then, I’m your Missus.  There’s probably lots more, but I’m only that far in the book.

Also, don’t worry.  I’m entirely too lazy to track you down and stalk you.  Really.  Do not worry.

There’s still no internet at the BHandjen household.  It is driving me mad.  Okay, so its really not, but I’d like to think it would.  If we go too much longer without it, I may end up insane.  For now, though, it gives me time to start on all those projects I’ve promised everybody.

Would you like to know what will make you The Most Popular Person In Your House?  White chocolate covered pretzels, that’s what.  I made them for a movie snack for Holden and I.  Big Hands was pleased as well.  There you go.  Don’t say I never gave you any sage advice.

Holden and I watched scary movies on Nick, or Cartoon Network.  And, by scary, I mean not scary at all.  Except for this one called The Haunting Hour?  That shit kind of scared the crap out of me, and Holden’s all like, “Don’t worry Mom.  If it gets to be too much, you just let me know.  I’ve got my finger right on the ‘last’ button, and we can go back to Drake and Josh, if you get too scared.”  And, just in case you are wondering, I DID make him go back to Drake and Josh.  One, because I really like Josh, okay?  And, two?  The monster was kind of making me a little nervous.  We also watched Twitches Too (or Two, I can’t really remember).  That one was more dumb than scary, but he’s been waiting for it since September.

I don’t like Horror Movies, Okay?  Friday the Thirteenth; never saw it.  Halloween?  Nope.  Those Elm Street movies, not a chance.  I started watching Hostel with BH one night, but within the first 15 minutes I’m watching it with my hands over my eyes, and then I heard a drill and put my thumbs in my ears, so I decided to go into the bedroom and watch Letterman.

Though, I will tell you, I love ghosts, vampires and witches.  Just not as much as I love Jesus.  And, definitely not the scary kind.  Or the masked kind.

I DID watch every single episode of Gossip Girl on Sunday.  Thank you MTV, for replaying them.  I salute you.  I am now hooked on this show.  I have not yet checked out the CW listings to see when it plays.  Hopefully it will not be on at a time when I am watching something else.  This show is awesome.  I know how you are looking at me.  With your superiority.  Please.  We’re all friends here.  Let’s not pretend that we are all too grown up and too smart to watch such tripe.  If you say that, you are a liar.

We all hold onto some sophomoric naughty.  Teen TV is mine.  What’s yours? Do tell!  If you say that you don’t have one, I will know that you are telling tall tales.  I think the most grown up thing a gal can do is admit that she is still a child.


Gossip Girl, Wednesdays at 9pm.  CW.  Hollah.  Can watch it right after Pushing Daisies!  BH has band practice.  This is God at work.  (when you are me?  You appreciate the small things.)