First of all?  The internets have not been at my home all week long.  This makes me sad.

Secondly, you all crack me up with your stories of precious gifties, when I talk about receiving a McDonald’s clothing line sweater from Kid’s R Us at the age of 14.

And, because one of you is already receiving something from me as a “thanks for the yum yums”, the winner of this here contest is none other than Carrie over at Glamorous Redneck.  I, too, remember my first stereo.  It was awesome.

None of you, however, beat my sweater.  That shit is funny. 

Now dear Carrie, I belong to the I Work Slowly Club.  But this is what you will be receiving: a calendar!!  Hand crafted!  I made one for my mom last year and she loved it.  This will not be your regular boring calendar…its fun.  So, I’ll email you later, and get your bizness!!  Congratulations CARRIE!!!


In other important news, because I have missed you so much…Have you been watching Pushing Daisies on Wednesday nights???   You should be.  This show is good.  Its  minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing.  I mean, its to the point and beautiful like a dream.  I love this show.  You should too.

Also, I really like The Reaper on the CW.  It really makes me laught.  Though I will allow that I am extremely easily amused.  I started watching it only because I’d heard that Kevin Smith was directing the pilot.  If you are my age, you should like Kevin Smith.  This is not a question I’m asking;  I’m telling you.  If you don’t like him, then you simply are not my age.  The end.

That book by Chuck Palahniuk that I am reading is not hitting my spot.  I will persevere!  He did mention something about Amy Hempel, and by highlighting her name there?  I am strongly suggesting that you go there and you read that short story.  Its probably one of my favorite shorts.  My first favorite is Johns Updike’s A&P.  Another suggested reading.  I’m going there to re-read now.