See now?  I remember where I was going with that last post

Because getting is so darn fun (I love me some presents…) I would like to jump on the old bandwagon of giving.

You comment, you get handmade loving from yours truly.  I know.  This is BIG TIME STUFF. 

I’m totally ripping this little game off from everybody on the internets, but really?  Who does not like to receive mail from a stranger?  Nobody, that’s who.

Here’s the deal, you tell me the best gift you ever received (children are strictly off limits, okay?  Der.) and I will put your memories in front of a jury of my peers and we will decide who gets the mystery wonderment of my hand crafting.

I’ll give you a couple to get your juice flowing:  My high school boyfriend gave me a spatula.  Ever seen UHF?  Yeah, what better way to say I love you than with the gift of a spatula?

My great grandmother once gave me a red knit sweater with the words “Do you want some fries with that shake” stitched onto it in a super great shade of mustard yellow.  There was a box of french fries on it as well.  I was 14.

I want those kind of stories.

Ta da! 

Because it takes some of you ages to read…I will give you one week.  One Week, Ducks.