Before I started blogging I was a little hinky about this stuff.  I mean, really.  Who cares about the doldrums of my life? (apparently you, you big suckers!!)  And, what do I care about YOUR doldrums?  (I do…I deeply care.  jen is a deeply caring person.  jen is a deeply voyeuristic person.) (okay, I just looked up “voyeur” and that is not me.  criminy!  I like to watch…you know like look at your life, but I don’t really want to see your sex organs.  or do i???)

BUT!  Over the year, or almost year or whatever (I was somewhere else before I was here)…I find that this is deeply gratifying.  And, even though I sometimes have trouble pinpointing the exact definition of our relationship, I realize that I definitely have made some friends out here.  And, Erin, you certainly are one of those people!

Because see…Erin makes stuff, like grape jelly.  And, do you know who likes grape jelly?  Me.  And do you know who sent me some grape jelly?  Erin.  I can only assume this is because she loves me and we are meant to be together.  PLUS, I am very easy, and believe that friendship can be bought with grape jelly.  And, heartwarming (albeit sloppily handwritten ;)) cards.  With Mobile Stations on them.  So there.  I heart Erin.

This jelly?  Ooooooooooooooo.   Mmmmmmmmmm. 

And there is Heather, whom I have loved for almost a year.  This is why:  Heather has fantastic shoes, and rubs elbows with the likes of Hanson. (okay, you know I love you for more reasons than that…xo) 

I met Cool Beans through another blog we frequent.  We bonded over our love for Justin Timberlake.  This girl has helped me, on more than one occasion, fix this here site and help me navigate WP.  Thank you!!

Apparently Super Blond and I are married to the same man…

I love the internets.  My life is definitely more well rounded because of all of you.  And, I always appreciate the kind words or funny jokes you leave in my comments.

Okay, so that’s that.  It feels like there should be more, but I currently have three kids here talking allatonce and I can’t type and listen to kid babble at the same time.  I am not this talented.