I don’t have a damn thing to say. Just wanted to get out of that other post. Not make you guys feel so ookley anymore.

ALSO, I just finished Into The Wild.  It was good.  Jon Krakauer is a great writer, no doubt.  I just wasn’t sympathetic to the character.  I thought he was selfish.  The end.  Still can’t wait to see the movie.  I’m just going to pretend its fiction and then I think it will really move me.  Plus Eddie Vedder did all the music for the sound track, and I love me some Eddie Vedder.  Plus Emile Hirsch is in this movie and I think that he is adorable.  Plus the whole Sean Penn thing…Hearts and whatnot.

SO…now I read this.  But, only because BH is reading this, and I have to wait for him to finish it first.  I really want to read Run by Ann-Patchett, but I want to exhaust all the reading material that I have in my house first before going out and buying a new book.  Go to the library, they say.  Can’t do it, I’m afraid.  You cannot bend the spines and dog tag the pages of library books.  Bending and folding pages is how I show a book it is loved.

Big Hands is behind me now, playing his bass.  He just got a new peddle for it, and is messing around.  I cannot think properly.  Can’t…concentrate…Need quiet…

And, one last thing?  This sucks so very badly that I almost tried to smother myself with a throw pillow to end the pain.  There is nothing on TV on Tuesday.