First, I’m going to start with The Books I’ve Read Recently:

Water For Elephants. Good. Book.  I still remember every plot and subplot, so that means it hasn’t immediately drained from my brain.  This equals good.  The very very end was a little over the top.  But, I could get over it because what happened before the very very end, was excellent!  You’ll be saying, “Hmmmm….I never saw that coming…”  And, I also read it in like two days of after work reading till about 11pm.  Its a quick read.  If you are a quick reader, I guess.  Good Book.  Worth however much I paid for it.

Then, after I finished reading the above, I was still hungry and needed something else to knosh on.  So, I read this.  I don’t really read books like this often because I’m not interested in Victorian Australia.  But, surprisingly, it was pretty good.  (Thanks Fran’s Mom!!) And, I ended up learning a little something about Things That Just Aren’t Really That Important.  Learning did not hurt my brain as I thought it would.  I do not read to learn.  I read to fill the void.  I enjoy pith.

I am now reading Into the Wild, and I just cried a little while reading it as I was waiting for Holden to get out of piano practice.  I wanted to read it before I saw the movie, that my dear Sean Penn has done.  I love him, I do.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a big weirdo, but a weirdo I just can’t help but want to give a hug to.  If there is a Hollywood Personality who needs a hug more than he, I don’t know who they may be.  (You can’t say Britney or Lindsay or Paris.  They just need they asses whooped.)

Speaking of asses…I bought the new Kanye West album this past weekend.  I can’t believe you like Kanye West…Oh the horrors!!!  Let’s just get one thing straight here, Ducks:  I don’t like Kanye West per se.  I mean, I kind of appreciate the fact that his mouth is so gigantic, he can’t stop himself.  Plus, I also appreciate a dude doing what a dude gotta do to sell his records.  (I also appreciate Eminem, suckahs.)  So, I guess, yeah.  I like Kanye a smidge.  I appreciate him.  And dude knows how to dress.  I digress, here.  I’m trying to tell you, this album rocks my socks.

Granted, were it not for Big Hands, I would not be listening to hip hop of any kind.  I would be listening to Joni Mitchell all the time.  Or John Denver.  Or Tori Amos.  Stuff that I can sit around and braid my hair and make hemp rope to.  I am easily influenced, Friends.  I listen to whatever anyone turns me on to.  (Kellie?  Backstreet Boys??  Yep.)

Lately Holden and I have been listening to a lot of High School Musical.  I’m sure you are just sick to death of my going on and on about it, but really.  Its awesome.  If you are sick of watching me write about it, just think how sick my family is of hearing Holden and I do dead on numbers from the show.  With dancing and everything.  Holden and I basically rock.

Holden rocks, for sure.  I will tell you that my son wants to be on The Swim Team.  There isn’t one at school yet for tadpoles such as he, but whatever.  I’m going to make this happen for him.  I told him you have to start now, if you want to be on The Team.  So whenever there is opportunity for him to join any kind of community run team or class, that kid is so there.  I want nothing more than to see his skinny little self in a little boy speedo.  I’m so there with my camera in tow.

See, he wants to be on The Team because he thinks he can get a scholarship to the University of Miami.  (Why is my third grader thinking about college?  No really.  Why??) More power to him, I say.  But, he wants to go to the University of Miami so that he can be closer to the only football team that is near to his heart: the Miami Dolphins.  Why?  I dunno.  But he has aspirations of OWNING this team someday, and I have aspirations of being taken care of in my old age, so Go Team.