I can’t believe Dick won.  Holden thinks this is dumb.

I have had exactly three cigarettes since Sunday at 2:30am.  (Thanks Fran…)

Why do I always decide to quit smoking when I’m PMSing?  Somehow this always seems like a great idea to me.  I haven’t killed anyone yet.  Yet.

I have little desire to write anything down.

I might get laid off.  (I’m not entirely certain this would crush my soul.  Its the PRINCIPLE of the matter.  I do not want to be laid off.)

They’ve taken my mom off the Chemo Pill because it isn’t working.  But!  There may be another…there is also the test study!  We will see!  This BA-LOWS.

I suck.  I’m mean.  I hate everybody (except Sarah Silverman.  We are kindred spirits, she and I.)