Be honest.  Are you?  Because, I am.  A little.  Its like saturation or something.  What do you think?  Alltheyes?  Or alltheoutthedoor?

So…I may or may not have a second “little” job with Holden’s school co-teaching (I think I really hate hyphens…) 4th and 5th grade Drama Club.  My neighbor is the teacher and she asked if I wanted to.  Talked to my boss, and she said “Seize the Day, my Sister.”  And, so, we will know soon hopefully.  I am so friggin excited.  Friggin is a funny word.  I don’t think I’ll use it again.  “Effing” just seemed a little too harsh when put in the context of teaching 11 year olds how to act…

But I told Big Hands about this and he said, “oh”.  Which was more of an Ugh-ish “oh” than an interested “oh”. (Though I do love my italics, no?! Yes, yes I do.)  Which caused me to be a little chagrinned, I must say.  Because this is what I want to hear: “JEN!  That sounds great!  What a way for you to put some use your God given talent!  I’m so happy you found a way to do what you love so much.  Oh, and here are those tickets to see High School Musical the Musical!!  I love you Dear!” Babe, seriously.  Are you reading this?  I guess you could say I was pretty serious.  Really.

Now.  This isn’t going to turn into a bitch fest about my husband.  Because I like him, and find him incredibly attractive.  So that makes up for a lot.  But c’mon.  He’s in a band.  Did I balk at this?  No.  Because I am a better person than him that. (Ooh.  That was kind of fun…I’m gonna cross some more words out…but later.)

And, also too?  This blog is not about him.  Its about me. So on that note: Yay, me!!  Maybe I’ll have a aNOTHer job ish that I love!

Remember why you are really here, gals.  I know sometimes you get distracted…allthe?  Or not to allthe?