I thought of this the other day.  If you watch reruns of Still Standing, every episode is called “still something ning”.  And, every episode of Friends was “the one with the somethingerother”.  And, since I’m allthepretties I decided to name my posts allthesomethingthatimtalkinaboutinthepost.

I never post two times in one day.  I like to keep myself guessing.  But!  I have to share with you that no one is in my house but me right now.

SO.  Its me, a pot of coffee, a Chuck Klosterman article book, Justin Timberlake on the ipod, and this here blog.

I know.  You all are a bunch of suckers.

I might even throw in my Vanilla Ice CD.  You never can tell.  I get perty crazy when I’m alone.

Did I mention that I’m alone?  In my house?  All my myself.


(I say that with love, of course…)