Well, then, I guess it would only be fitting to say Sound of Music.  I’m so sorry ladies, but I’m loving the linkies lately.

BH tells me constantly how funny it is that I LOVE everything.  Oh, I loooove this, and I looooove that!  I do.  Can’t help it, its just the eternal sunshine of my spotless mind.  I’m a happy person, and I love to love stuff.  Even more, I love to love trivial stuff.  Aha!

So, as I was washing my face this morning with this fabulous wonderment of modern facial treatments, I thought I would share with all of you the Things That I Absolutely Adore. 

I know.  You could not have waited for this any longer.

I love the makeup.  I love even more that my husband prefers me without it.  He’s cute, huh?  Too bad the days of Jennifer Without Mascara are over.  Too bad for him!

Revlon is wonderful.  I cannot say this enough.  It makes me feel prettier just walking down the Revlon aisle.  I bought this blush, and I want to marry it.  So pretty.  And Golden.  Oh!

I absolutely adore our bed.  This has a lot to do with it.  Also, this.  Its like sleeping in between two clouds.  Heaven.  PLUS, we have a king size bed.   Do you have one?  Oh, get one.  BH and I are in different TIME ZONES in this bed.  I love him and all, but I love me the sleepy time too.  This bed is what keeps our marriage together.  Oh.  Get your minds out of the gutter.

I cook.  And, for years, I cooked on crappy hand me down pots and pans.  Until my grandma bought me a griddle, and cast iron skillet.  My life really hasn’t been the same since.  I’m a whole different person with cast iron.  I use some random pot to boil water.  But the majic?  It happens in the skillet, girls.

BH and I are big magazine readers.  I see us in our old age with mags piled up all over the place with just a narrow walkway to get to the bathroom.  This is what will become of us.  My favorite is In Style.  This month?  The issue was like two inches thick, and I am not even exaggerating.  The best part of these magazines, to me, is the advertisments.  All the models sporting Dior and Gucchi, and they all look either bored out of their gourds or pissed off as all hell.

My favorite thing to watch as a comedy, though it is not meant to be one is CSI Miami.  Trust me, its ten times more fun if viewed as though they are trying to make you laugh.  That dude is effing funny, okay?

My favorite movie to watch if I wake up before any body else on Saturday mornings is The Royal Tenenbaums.  My mom bought it for me for Christmas one year, and it is the best packaged movie I own.  There’s a drawing of the set in the movie box.  Its great all around fun.

I’m also really into High School Musical.  Trust me.  If you click nothing else, you want to clicky this click.  I know.  I’ve got some problems.  I’m working those issues out.

Any way.  There.  I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and now all of you want to go get some lip gloss.  Good enough for a Saturday, I think.