On my way home from work today, my very favorite radio station that plays music (I’m an NPR JUNKIE.  Seriously.  I don’t hear my puzzler on Sunday morning?  Someone’s gonna pay.) the DJ announced they were going to play a Flashback…From deep warpy voice...1992.

What? I was 17 then.  When did I become vintage??!!

The song was Friday I’m In Love by The Cure.  I remember hearing that song while driving around town with my boyfriend, Mark.  It was probably a Tuesday, but I WAS in love.


I’m sure this is true for most of us, but I directly correlate Feelings with Music.  The whole of Joshua Tree makes me think of driving in the country in Andy Smith’s convertable.  With or Without You  puts me right back in 1993, the summer after I graduated high school, top down (not mine I assure you; my chastity belt was still tightly bolted at that time), looking up at the night sky.  Stars shone so much brighter when I was 18. 

Whenever I hear Everytime You Go Away by Paul Young, I  think of my grandparents leaving on a mission trip.  My mom always used to sing that to us while my grandparents were away, and we would cry and miss them.

The Smiths make me think of Shannon.  As do Dead MilkmenIndigo Girls, Liz Phair (Oh friends, this last one is rated NC-17, but I couldn’t help it.  Liz Phair,before she had a baby, IS everything I loved when I was in college…She’s all happy now, and therefore, sucks.), and Henry Rollins.

I love John Cusak, or as Chuck Klosterman would tell me, you know, if he knew me, and I shared this idea with him, the idea of John Cusak.  This song reminds me of all that was Good in the late eighties.

When BH and I FINALLY got married two years ago, we opted for a small wedding.  I walked down the aisle to this music by Ben Harper.  I’m not real sure what’s going on in this video, so just listen.  The song is called The Three of Us, and how appropriate for my little family of Three.

I could go on like this all night.

What are some of your favorite songs and memories?  Show me.