Last nite I got an email from a HUGE blast from my past.  Actually, I initiated it, but so very long ago, I had completely forgotten that I’d emailed her in the first place.

I went to a very small, very small, small liberal arts college.  I wanted to teach literature in secondary ed.  Like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.  And, then, I realized that I hated teenagers, so that wasn’t going to work.

I started off my second year not knowing what in the heck I was going to do!  I still loved literature and wanted to do something with that, but didn’t know what (if only they paid people to sit around and read books.  Do they?  Seriously.  Do they?).  

I had met some guys in the theatre department and this one guy was graduating and his “final” was directing a play.  He told me that the first day of auditions was a bust and could I please please just do him this favor of coming to try out.  No pressure.  I said yes, was absolutely fabulous and was offered the lead role.  Thusly, began my College Affair with the scripty script.

So, that was one life altering thing that happened my second year of college.  The other was meeting This Girl.  The one I mentioned up there (see me pointing?  I am.) 

I lived in the dorms…I think I just have to mention one more time how ridiculously small this school was.  600 kids on campus with about 600 non-trad students.  So yeah, we’re lookin’ at 1200 kids.  To me this was awesome, no joke.  Big Fish, Small Pond.  I like it that way.  Anyhoodle, our first Hall Meeting which is this, oh you know:  You go sit in the hall and meet your RA and the other dingbats in your hall.  So whatever.  It was mandatory, blah de blah.  But, there, I see this tallish, thinish, redhead with a pixie cut and a ginormous tattoo on her calf of a fairy.  Immediately I have a crush, and I want to be her best. friend. ever.  And, so we were. 

As an adult, looking back on that time in my life…I really came into myself in college.  I mean, I was one repressed teenager.  You have no idea.  And, I escaped into what I can only describe to you as a Majic Land.  This was college for me.  I loved it there.  I got to become the me that I knew I wanted to be, and just couldn’t.   And, I think this redhead, whom I called Twink, had a great deal to do with it.  She probably has no clue how much she helped me grow.

I look so fondly back at those years spent in college.  But, I am not one of those people who would like to relive it.  It was great the first time around; remakes almost always suck.  Mostly, I am just terribly thankful for the life that I have with my husband and our son and our dog, in our nice home in suburbia.  I don’t have one single regret about my life. 

I am blessed every day by the mere prescence of my son, who, on this day is eight years old.  Who, I am almost certain, is taller than he was just yesterday.  Who looks more like a boy and less like my baby every day.  It makes my heart ache to think how fast these eight years have gone by, and how quickly the next eight will go.  Tonite, I think I will hold him for a little longer.  Longer than he’d like me to, but not nearly long enough for me.