I founded this perty little website to show people who I am.  And, that was suppose to be That Girl who had a baby and got married and lives her cosmopolitan little lifestyle right here in the Midwest.  I wanted to be That Girl who, even though she lives in the Midwest and is a mother and a wife, hasn’t forgotton Who She Is.  I wanted to be That Girl who still wants to look spectacular while picking her son up from daycare.  Who is involved in the PTO AND works a 9 to 5.  That Girl who still paints when she feels like it, but still wants her roses to look awesome from the curbside.  That Girl who is Me,  but Still She.

But I’m having a bit of an identity crisis, see.  Because, as it turns out?  I’m actually That Girl Whose Mother is Dying.  And, I never thought I’d be her.  I guess I just thought that my mother would never die!  I don’t know why…it just never crossed my mind.

So all the other stuff seems a bit pithy when your mother is planning All Those Trips She Never Got to Take;  when your mother is taking your whole family to DisneyWorld the week after Thanksgiving.  Because you start to wonder if your mother is going to make it that long. 

God’s got the whole world in His Hands, let me tell you.  When she decided to forego treatment, it turns out that it wasn’t working anyway.  The tumor has gotten bigger.  And, its in her lungs.

And, I did not want to be That Girl who only writes about her dying mother, but I guess that’s just who I am.  Today.