Everybody’s got an acronym these days.  Is there one for working mothers?  I have to admit, I have not done my research on this, so if there IS, its obviously not widely used, or I would have used it by now.

But, around these parts, you see alot of SAHMs.  As a working mother I am at once jealous of you, and chagrinned at the thought.  Though, I know you not.

I hate that you have an acronym.  I am jealous that you get to stay at home with your kids all day.  You get the mid morning hug.  You get to play Totally Gross whenever you want to.  Maybe you bake cookies and bread.  Maybe you send your kid to his room because he is being a Big Snotface.  In my head I see you doing this.  And, I turn green with envy.

But, staying at home with Holden is something that I fantasized about when he was young.  Now that he is almost eight and in school full time, I just don’t think it would be as fun as it would have when he was two.  And, there is no way we could have afforded ourselves had I stayed home when Holden was little.  Now that we can, he wants to be elswhere.

I’m very lucky that I have a job at a place that is very Family First.  Holden has a field trip?  I am there.  He’s pukey sick, please come pick him up?  Done. 

That is a big reason why I love my job so much.  Not more than my kid, but A Whole Bunch.  And, I really don’t feel like Holden has missed out.  Me either.  He’s a social butterfly.  He gets irked if I pick him up “too early”.   MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!  Why are you heeeeeere so early?
Makes me feel like a million bucks, I tell you!

So, I want an acronym.  I’ve given this some thought.  Working Outside the Home Mom; a WOHM, if you will (I like to pronounce it like womb.  Doesn’t that sound all warm and cozy?  Like we are the CRUX of humanity?!!  Yes!)
Or even just Outside the Home Mom; an OHM.  I know this is a unit of electrical resistance.  (I am one hot little Mama.)  But, I prefer to think of it like the Om you say at the end of Yoga Class. But with an H.