I was feeling pretty Sassy this morning as I left the house for work.

My outfit is classy, my hair is actually doing what I ask of it, I’m wearing my Coach Wedges*…all in all, I’m feeling pretty Put Together.

I dropped Holden off at Summer Care, and as I was leaving, waving at the parents, smiling at the Guy Who Is Waxing the Floor, the edge of my Wedge hit the edge of the step and I slipped.  My feet out from under me,  clutching onto the railing, I try to regain my footing. 

That was not God’s plan.  Still holding on for dear life to that railing, I proceeded to slip on the edge of all four steps.  In front of People.  Thankfully, my rear never touched the floor (I’m wearing white pants, Oh the horror that would have been), but my ankle came into contact with something hard-ish.

Oh, how Sassy I felt then.  That’ll teach me. 

*I feel it necessary to tell you that these Coach shoes? They are hand me downs from my sister in law.  She bought them, they didnt fit, she gave them to me.  There is not one part of me that could shell out that kind of cash for shoes.  Mentally, I would never be able to do that.  But I do love wearing them! 

Even if it means falling down a couple of flights of stairs every now and then.