As I was putting on my makeup this morning, in preparation for the Longest Church Day in My History (more on that in a minute), I noticed, in the mirror, a descending spider.

Now, I have no real fear of these eight legged creatures; though for sure, I will smash one to pieces should It and I ever cross paths, I do not like to be surprised by them.  In my bathroom.  Threading down from the ceiling.  It’s disturbing.  Plus, not so easy to smash.

One has to carefully think out the spider’s Death Plan.  Do I swat him down, then stomp?  Do I put the tissue beneath him, then squash?  I chose to grab the silk from above, and take him, and his vein, to the toilet and flush.  And then I casually went about the business of Beautifying My Face.

Because I?  I was headed to Church.  Twice.

Usually, I only go once a Sunday, but today was the exception as my brother was being Commissioned to go on a Youth Gathering.  I would have just gone to one service; the Commission Service, but my best friend was bringing Baby II to meet Jesus this morning, and I needed to see this baby.  So, at nine a.m. full service at my home congregation, and then the split second after that service, my family and I headed over to The Other Church for the Commissioning.  Thank God, the latter Minister spoke quickly.

Having already heard a sermon, I felt that I could let my mind wander during the second service.  Oh, whatever!  Like you haven’t done it!

And, it just so happened that my mind wandered to The Simpson’s Movie.  Yeah.  You heard right.

Holden wants to see this movie Very Badly.  And, Big Hands wants to, as well.  But, should he take the Boy with him?  I believe this movie is rated PG-13.  Holden has definitely seen his share of PG-13 movies.  Spiderman movies being the ones that pop into my head right away.  Do I think that Simpson’s will be worse than Spiderman?  I don’t think so.  I think I don’t think so…

So, to Simpson’s, or to NOT Simpson’s?  That is the question which lay before me.

Unfortunately, God, in His own House, did not give me any direction.  Probably punishment for not paying attention.

Do you have any direction?